Heritage of Bhaderwah

  • Copper Plate Land Grant of Gatha Vasuki Temple.

    This Taam Patra (Copper plate) dated Samvat 10, 1st Baisak, is the land grant to the “Pujaris” (Priests) of Gatha Vasuki temple, by Raja Dhari Pal of Bhaderwah. It is recorded that, after ‘Sankalp’, land measuring “600 Alas” and dry land was bestowed to the two Brahmins priests of Vasuki Nag.

  • Copper Plate Land Grant of Gatha Vasuki Temple.

    The priests named ‘Bramha Nand Sagran’ was given 400Alas and ‘Kirpa Ram Didhan’ was given 200 Alas respectively. Till moon and sun exists, the two bhramins, their sons and their grand children are to enjoy the grant. The copper plate is in Dogri-Sanskrit in Nagri script. The ‘Tam Patra’ is probably the oldest copper plate, in Dogri dialect so far available in the whole Jammu region.

  • The Nalthi Petroglyph - Before Cleaning

    The discovery of a rock,1 by 1 mt, in dimension at Nalthi in Bhaderwah is the reflection of the rich and still unknown history of the region.The artistic carvings on the rock, technically called as Petroglyphs are the earliest forms of artistic expression of the human race. The Nalthi Rock shows distinct man made curved, eclliptical features, that continue on to the borders of the rock and seem to be a part of some, bigger art form.After carefully cleaning of the rock surface i found six parallel rows of deep triangular indentations, spaced evenly, on the surface.It is still early to comment ,if they are some form of written language.

    The rock surface is covered with Lichen growth (a form of fungus) and the Thallus (body of the growth) of the growth is 5-6 cm,in diametre. Using the Lichenometry, technique of dating, based on the colonization and growth of the Lichens on the the rock surface, it must have has been exposed (uncovered from the ground) some 50-60 years back. The exact dating is still to be done

  • The Nalthi Petroglyph - After Cleaning

    The National Institute of Botanical Research at Lucknow is helping in this matter.The location of the Rock is near a hill side, that is being exploited, by the local contractors for rock & stone.

    The absurd location of the rock, points to a different location of origin. The rock seems to be a smaller part of some other, well decorated wall or floor.The artistic richness of the rock and the final resting position, sheds light on the still unrevealed past, and the rich cultural heritage of the Nagas.It calls for an collective effort to search and rediscover ourselves.

    One can assume several theiries for the existence of the Nalthi Rock.It can be a part of a ancient building or Bowli.It can also be an unused peice. But the fact remains that it is there, and right in front of our eyes, andtells us that there was / is something, where, the mystery depens.