Heritage of Bhaderwah

  • The Sungli Bowli - Beofore Cleaning

    The Bowli at Sungli, Bhaderwah,is a hidden heritage treasure. Till recently the bowli (Spring) was covered with bushes and over growth. The RERF team cleared the site and what was revealed was ,a rich example of the Naga heritage.The Bowli is not functional anymore, as the water table has lowered. Three sculpture, of Bhramha,Vishnu & Shiva are present.

  • The Sungli Bowli - After Cleaning

    The snout of the bowli, presents a Makra (crocodile) imitation and is made from a single stone peice. The collected water at the base , was cleared and still some clean water is flowing, through the joints.The bowli is at the back end of the village near the temple.The sculptors have been disfigured to an extent and the snout has been used to sharpen axes. Still the bowli deserves all the attention. Dating of the bowli is in process and an attempt is being made to fence the area

  • The Shiva Sculptor at Pasri

  • The Bharama - Shilla at Naggar

  • Detailed Nag scales & Bracelet

  • Surya Dev Sculptor of Sartangal