Reaching Bhaderwah

The main hub to reach Bhaderwah is Jammu. It is approximately 200 Kms form Jammu to Bhaderwah by road. The road can be divided in four main spots as:

  • Jammu - Udhampur : 65 aprox (by road), - NH-1A - {50 Kms (by Train)}
  • Udhampur - Batote : 55 Kms - NH-1A
  • Batote - Pul Doda : 50 Kms - NH-1B
  • Pul Doda - Bhaderwah : 30 Kms

The Way to Bhaderwah is quite enjoyable and thrilling too. The road is fine with several sharp inclines and hairpin bends and is being maintained by Border Road Organization (BRO). you will enjoy the beauty of valley whole the way. And don't forget to relish the local food items like Rajma- Chawal with pure desi ghee. on the way from Batote to Bahderwah at local hotels.

On the way from Jammu to Bhaderwah you come across Kud, Patnitop, etc also. There are several places on route which have been developed for the convenience of the motorist. Among them are Jajjar Kotli, Kud, Pantnitop, Batote, Ramgarh, Pull Doda, all having tourist bungalows and provisions for meals, snacks.

Transport and Travel means

There are lot of Deluxe Buses operated by various Private agencies as well as J&K SRTC. The whole journey costs about 6 -7 Hrs. form Jammu. and 5 - 6 Hrs from Udhampur by bus. The fair is being Rs.250-300 per seat of buses operated by private agencies and Rs. 200 for SRTC buses. for further clarification of fairs log to

Well you can also take Sumo as well taxies etc form Jammu and Udhampur.

Reaching the hub - Jammu

By Air :-

The air port of Jammu is about 8 Kms from city center Indian Airlines and Jet Airways operates scheduled flights from Jammu to Delhi to Jammu, Where as private airlines like Deccan Airlines and Spice Jet do operate in the same route at low costs.

By Train :-

Their are many trains which operates for various parts of India to Jammu.

The main trains operating to/ from Jammu are:

Jammu Mail, Jammu Express, Malwa Express, Super Fast, Shalimar Express, Sealdah Express, Jhelum Express, Himgiri Express, Himsagar Express, Lohit Express, Sarwodaya Express, Sarvodaya Rajkot Express, Happa Express, Navyug Express, Gorakhpur Express, Barauni Express, Madras Express, Rajdhani Express and Ferozpur Express etc.

For train timings and rates log on to Indian Railways. or Book your tickets online from IRCTC Website

Other Major Routes:


On Harrah-Chamba road, there are many places of unchiselled beauty like Nalthi, Basti, Sartangle, Khani top and Padri gali. Where as Nalthi-Basti is the launching ground for Chhatara Galla and Gur Danda, Sartangal is near culmination of Harrah Valley. Khani top situated at the height of approximately 8,000 Ft. Offers a commanding view of "Athkahar" area. Padri Gali is a gorgeous meadow at the height of 10,500 Ft. dividing Harrah from Chamba of Himachal Pardesh. From Padri one can plan a visit to Bhal-Padri. Hither-to-unknown composite valley of Bhal-Padri when exposed to world would stand to beat any landscape in the world. Five kilometers from this place lay the meeting ground of J&K and Himachal Pardesh - Kunai Mural. It is a very promising resting resort for one traveling between Harrah and Chamba.


The Bhaderwah -Bani- Basohli road takes off on the 8th kilometer on Bhaderwah - Chamba road. Here Grasslands along the banks of river Hayan can be found. These are all camping ground for trekkers who take off to Chhatar Galla, Sarthal and Bani. The spell-bound beauty of this area falling within the territorial juridiction of Doda and Kathua districts would throw an alternative to Kullu Manali and Shimla.

Culture of Bhaderwah

DHAKKU and GHURAI, which is religious in inspiration and characteristically devotional in nature. The dance DHAKKU is not a dance of individual participation or of a small group, but a large number of men participate in the dance. Despite of the fact that large numbers of people participate in the dance, a complete synchronization in the hands and feet is seen with elaborate, rythmatic movements and planed steps, backward and forward.

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